Manage My Rocks Limited - Upstream Services
Manage My Rocks Limited - Upstream Services

MANAGE MY ROCKS LIMITED: Andy Wood - Subsurface Operations / Director

"My track record covering the last 20 years working for Upstream Operators in their offices, has resulted in savings of tens of millions of dollars, through my holistic management of teams and processes and led to significant personal career satisfaction.   It’s important for me to build candid and transparent relationships and I’m grateful for having the habit of identifying and addressing inefficiencies and potential optimisations that others miss, through my insightful approach and an ever-present scrutiny of systems and processes."

Typically I work with leadership teams who suffer from one or more of the following problems:

1) Haemorrhage funds in a number of aspects of their Upstream projects.

2) Struggling with a lack of clarity and need someone to bring solutions to complex drilling problems.

3) Who know there are inefficiencies but require someone to making the Invisible visible.

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