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Manage My Rocks Limited - Upstream Services



Manager of Subsurface Operations / Director with extensive international experience, having worked in 25 countries, with extended time in the UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea, East Africa and Azerbaijan.


30 years oil field experience – 11 on rigs and 19 in various roles within Subsurface and Well Engineering teams.


Familiar with all aspects of Subsurface Management. Extensive background managing multidisciplinary G&G teams.


A strong focus on providing clarity of process and recommendations which lead to optimized operations and reservoir characterization, resulting in significant cost saving.


The ability and desire to ask the difficult questions, with a determination to deliver.


Typically I work with leadership teams who suffer from one or more of the following problems.

1) Haemorrhage funds in a number of aspects of their Upstream projects.

2) Struggling with a lack of clarity and need someone to bring solutions to complex drilling problems.

3) Who know there are inefficiencies but require someone to making the Invisible visible.


Cost saving througn an holistic approach to operational optimisation, team architecture and contract management.


Constructing and supervising multi-disciplinary teams of Geoscientists and incorporating other services as and when required to ensure that the client receives a fit for purpose product from the geological operations well delivery team. Ensuring the team is composed of individuals with complementary skills to ensure the best possible results.


Providing an holistic approach to data acquisition results in a plan which is cost and time effective while providing information for all disciplines within the Operators wider team. This inclusive strategy not only helps to fine tune the data collection for essential processes, but it also benefits the broader team by highlighting the necessary interactive nature of our individual roles.


Contract management of geological related services such as LWD, Wireline, Geomechanics, Mudlogging etc. Ensuring that services provided are cost effective while delivering the product contracted.

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