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Making the Invisible Visible - Delivering Clarity

Through the years my role has evolved. I discovered that I thoroughly enjoy and excel at process, system and operational optimisation. A subject which is certainly not for everyone. Below is an article which I have put together based on my compounded learnings through the years.​

Making the Invisible Visible - Delivering Clarity
Summary of holistic methods used to save clients millions of dollars through operational optimisation.
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Every Operator has the potential to significantly reduce their operational costs. Most will pay their invoices, incurring unnecessary expense without realisation. Introducing the methos detailed in this article will put potential savings into practice. Companies drilling campaigns become more streamlined, putting performance and cost efficiency firmly in the top quartile.

Invisible losses will become visible, creating the ability to significantly reduce unnecessary expenditure.

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Andy Wood's CV can be found here:

Andy Wood - CV
A description of Andy's experience, capabilities and achievements.
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